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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Masjid Tiban / Masjid Mumbul Turen ~Fliying Mosque~

Tiban Mosque or Masjid Mumbul (flying mosque), is its famous name. A mosque is a boarding school complex located in Al Salafiyyah Sananrejo village, sub-district Turen Malang in East Java, Indonesia. The beauty and splendor of the mosque has been heard up everywhere. So there are a lot of visitors from various regions in Indonesia who came to this mosque. Although there is controversy and rumors of odor around the mosque, but did not reduce the sense of awe those who visit.

The mosque is often referred to as a mosque and the mosque Tiban 'mumbul' (flying), due to the assumption of the people around, the gossip that the mosque was suddenly there. Naturally, many people think so, because the location of this mosque is located in the center of the township residents and small alleys.

Located in an area of ​​five hectares, the boarding school was built in 1987. The boarding school it self is officially actually been there since 1978. Initially the building in the complex is only a small prayer room. However, now it's standing in the complex of buildings that have 10 floors. The construction of this mosque can not be said completed until now. But the interesting thing you need to know behind the construction of the mosque complex is about the lack of planning.

This is because since the construction of mosques, including the form of buildings and all the ornaments which they are an indication of the Kholiq Allah SWT, by istiqoroh prayer conducted by Father Kyai Ahmad at the mosque.

Funding is also carried by the pilgrims hut without any outside interference. Also be written in one of the guidelines is that the mosque is forbidden to build mosques in the begging attitude, attitude tomak and no debt. If you want to visit there is no need to spend any money or for free.

The mosque is very unique because a lot of ornaments and carvings typical of China, India and Java are engraved on the building in a mosque.

On the ninth floor we could see the beautiful scenery outside the mosque. Even if the weather is sunny scenery will be seen the highest mountain in the island of Java, namely Mount Semeru.

The interior of the mosque is also very beautiful.

Here are some photos when my family and I visited the mosque. Cekidot: D


Anonymous Anita said...

What a beautiful place :). Quite amazing that there was not a lot of planning involved and I can only imagine how long it took to do all those details and carvings.

What kind of odors were the rumors about? Was it pollution or something else?

February 29, 2012 at 3:10 PM  
Blogger sisca said...

Anita@ yups.. I also feel so amazing to know there is a big mosque in the village :)
The rumors came from the people around the mosque that said that they do not know when it was built and will suddenly appears as if, while the mosque was built since 1987 :D

March 1, 2012 at 8:06 AM  

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